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The Tunnel Movie:

Reviews of James performance in 'THE TUNNEL MOVIE'.

- "... an excellent James Caitlin, who plays a freaked-out homeless man who has seen something deeply disturbing in the tunnels."
(Annette Basile. Filmink Magazine review June 2011) (.pdf)

- "After one of the creepiest talking head segments ever recorded with a local homeless man who'd lived in the tunnels (the scene gives me chills even thinking about it...)" - Adam Unwin.

- "... The Tunnel is a fantastic horror film, perhaps one of the best I've seen of late. For a fantastic script, excellent plot execution, spot-on directing, and an especially convincing performance by James Caitlin."
(The Sick House Review. March 2, 2012)

"Good film. - homeless man was the selling point for me."

(Kelleigh Embers - 'THE TUNNEL MOVIE' fan June 13 6.30pm 2011)

- "The interview with Trevor, excellent performance from James Caitlin, is vital in establishing the nature of what is going to come... leading the audience to being very uneasy about just what might be down in the tunnels, in the dark."
(Jeff Ritchie. ScaryMinds review May 20, 2011)

- "Also of note is James Caitlin... He's very effective as a traumatised soul, and his one scene is filled with a creeping dread that really ups the horror, and anticipation of whats to come."
(Kyle Scott. The Horror Hotel review June 21, 2011)

- "One special nod must be made to James Caitlin as Trevor... The rest of the film would be ten times weaker without his bombshell performance, placed, 'just so', in the opening course of events."
('dhalfen@...' Baltimore MD, USA. IMDb User Review July 21, 2011)

James Caitlin as Trevor Jones in THE TUNNEL.
Image & Make-upSFX by Nicolle Adrichem (reelefx.com.au)


- Local media featuring James.
- Hawkesbury Gazette. Richmond NSW.
- Daily Liberal. Dubbo NSW.

'THE TUNNEL MOVIE' Official website and trailer

Officially rated in the Most Popular Horror Movies from Australia! - (IMDb)

- Executive producers, Enzo Tedeschi, Julian Harvey, Peter Thompson, Andrew Denton, Anita Jocoby, Ahmed Salama, Valeria Petrenko.
- Cast: Bel Deliá, Andy Rodoreda, Steve Davis, Luke Arnold, Goran D. Kleut, Ben Maclaine and James Caitlin.

Synopsis. “An investigation into a government cover-up leads to a network of abandoned train tunnels deep beneath the heart of Sydney. As a journalist and her crew hunt for the story it quickly becomes clear the story is hunting them.” See IMDb

"'THE TUNNEL MOVIE' is a cunningly crafted and smartly mounted exercise in suspense"
Michael Adams - Rolling Stone Magazine. June 2011

"... when the crew finally makes their descent into the subterranean depths and the lights begin to dim, that’s when the real atmosphere surrounding The Tunnel creeps its way along the spine."
(A Nightmare on Samityville Street review January 4, 2012)

"The casting is spot on and the performances are great."
"Its got solid scares, a location that nightmares are made of, a great cast and a very creepy, mysterious killer."

(Kyle Scott. The Horror Hotel review June 21, 2011)

"Simply the best ever found footage movie ever made, instant classic!"
"'THE TUNNEL' is the real deal, prepare to have a huge chill run down your spine during viewing."
"... a quick thumbs up to the entire cast, awesome performances from all involved and damn fine casting.

(ScaryMinds review May 20, 2011)

"... Hollywood may well one day remake 'THE TUNNEL', but it's doubtful they could do it as well as this.
- great filmmaking isn't about budget, it's about imagination. And there's plenty of imagination here".
(Annette Basile. Filmink Magazine review June 2011)

"With these cover-ups the crew decides to check out the tunnels themselves,
especially after a somewhat frightening interview with a homeless man who once lived in them."
('in-the-fade' IMDb user review)

"The Tunnel Movie "... is original, edgy and above all highly entertaining... The acting is solid throughout, creating a genuinely human dynamic between the crew which conveys camaraderie and underlying resentment in equal measure. Particularly strong performances come from Steve Davis(Steve) and James Caitlin (Trevor)."
(Jagdeep Bahra - ORG Zine review June 22, 2011)

"Man I shat myself watching this, think cuz I hung out in the Sydney's quarries and tunnels.
Good film. - homeless man was the selling point for me."

(Kelleigh Embers - 'THE TUNNEL MOVIE' fan June 13 6.30pm 2011)

"It's not what you see - it's what you imagine that scares us in 'THE TUNNEL'... It may be tempting to compare it to 'found' footage films such as 'Paranormal Activity' or the earlier, groundbreaking 'The Blair Witch Project', 'THE TUNNEL' is more sophisticated and better conceived than both."
(Andrew L. Urban - Urban Cinefile)

"... Director Carlo Ledesma elicits strong performances from his cast..."
"... Co-screenwriters Enzo Tedeschi and Julian Harvey have taken a fascinating “secret and loaded it with menace and dread..."
"... Grab yourself a ticket and jump on the ride, rattles along with gusto, featuring a great sound design and some genuinely frightening moments..."

Horrorfile.net/ review

"The actors nailed their characters, bringing realistic behaviours and natural attitudes in the face of fear."
"Presented in the manner of an actual documentary, it’s one of the best looking films of late."

(Vulture Hound Magazine)

- November 14 2011, producers Enzo Tedeschi and Julian Harvey win
2011 SPAA Breakthrough Independent Producers of the Year.
- October 30 2011, 'BALTHAZAR BEST AUSTRALIAN FILM' award, at Barossa Film Featival, Australia.
- October 25 2011, 'BEST SPECIAL EFFECTS' award at Screamfest Film Festival, Los Angeles USA.
- April 6th 2011. Carlo Ledesma is awarded 'BEST AUSTRALIAN DIRECTOR' and Steve Davis wins 'BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR', at the 'A Night of Horror International Film Festival Awards'

- 18th March 2011, Sydney. 'THE TUNNEL' wins the Australian Interactive Media Industry Association (AIMIA) Award for Best Use of Social Media, Word of Mouth or Viral. See article